Abuse of Illegal Drugs
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Illegal Drug Abuse:

Illegal drug abuse is a serious problem across the United States. Abuse of illegal drugs includes stimulants, depressants, and prescription drugs that are taken and sold illegally. It is often hard to tell if someone you care about is taking part in illegal drug abuse because there are so many different signs and symptoms to watch for. Drugs numb the user’s memory, impair their judgment, and make it impossible to feel good or function without them.
An example would be illegal drug abuse of marijuana and cocaine. These drugs are not physically addictive (meaning that the user’s body does not need the drug in order to function) but can make the user emotionally dependent on them. Once they become used to the "feelings" they get when they use marijuana, cocaine or other drugs, they may find it harder and harder to cope with normal everyday ups and downs.
Why would someone participate in illegal drug abuse? People use illegal drugs for many different reasons. Some use them because they believe it makes them feel energetic, have increased self-confidence, feel as though they can handle problems and stress better, or perform better at sports. Often when they discover what else illegal drug abuse does: loss of health, friends, family, money, and worst of all addiction, many of them wish they had never tried it.
Illegal drug abuse has devastating effects on the user and their body. Case in point, marijuana smoke does more damage to one’s body than cigarette smoke. However, if marijuana cigarettes (joints) had filters on them like regular cigarettes then things would be different. Also, marijuana smoke has more tar than tobacco and can influence the user’s hormones. When it comes to illegal drug abuse of cocaine, user’s find that over time this drug makes their nose bleed a lot and can even "burn" a hole inside of the membranes of the nose.
Here are some other key points to keep in mind about illegal drug abuse. All recreational drugs are illegal and their use carries heavy penalties such as going to jail and having prison record. Illegal drug abuse exacts an enormous toll on society, taking 52,000 lives annually and draining the economy of $160 billion a year. Everyone pays the toll in the form of higher healthcare costs, dangerous neighborhoods, and an overcrowded criminal justice system.
For many who suffer with illegal drug abuse treatment is necessary. There are several types of treatment available: inpatient, outpatient, residential, counseling the list goes on… The most common types of treatment for illegal drug abuse are inpatient and outpatient treatment. Inpatient treatment refers to receiving treatment while living at the treatment facility. This may include meetings, one–on-one therapy and group therapy. Outpatient treatment means the recovering drug abuser does not stay at the facility but still includes one-on-one therapy and possibly group meetings. Speaking with one of our drug rehab counselors will help insure that you choose the right treatment option to meet you or your loved one’s particular needs.

Abuse of Illegal Drugs
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