The Dangers of Illegal Drugs
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Dangers of Illegal Drugs
Dangers of Illegal DrugsThe dangers of illegal drugs are numerous. Illegal drugs impair your judgment making you more likely to hurt yourself or others, to have trouble with the law, to do poorly at work and school, and to have relationship trouble. The dangers of Illegal drugs also include specific health risks: they can damage major organs, increase your risk of cancers, and even cause death.
Dangers of Illegal Drugs on Your Safety:
Illegal drugs interfere with messages to your brain and alter your perceptions, emotions, vision, hearing, and coordination. They affect your judgment and can lead to dangerous behavior that puts you at risk.
  • The dangers of illegal drugs include car crashes. Even small amounts of illegal drugs make driving unsafe. Drugged driving is not only unsafe, it's illegal. Almost half of all fatal auto crashes are alcohol or drug related.
  • The dangers of illegal drugs include Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) including AIDS. You are more likely to ignore safety precautions such as condoms if you are under the influence of drugs.
  • The dangers of illegal drugs include unwanted pregnancy. For the same reasons that alcohol and other illegal drugs put people at greater risk for STDs, it also makes pregnancy a risk of substance abuse.
  • Sexual assault, another one of the many dangers of illegal drugs. When you're intoxicated, impaired judgment can stop you from noticing dangerous situations and people. Slowed thinking and reaction time makes you more vulnerable to being forced into sexual activity. It also makes people less likely to notice when they are hurting others.
  • The dangers of illegal drugs include fights. Bar brawls don't just happen in movies. Not only can you get hurt, you can get arrested.
  • Trouble with the law is one of the dangers of illegal drugs. Illegal drugs, underage drinking, drunk driving, public consumption--even giving guests alcohol--can get you into legal trouble.
Dangers of Illegal Drugs on Your Health:
The dangers of illegal drugs, also known as "recreational" drugs come with potentially harmful side effects that can have serious and long-term effects on your health. High doses of many of the commonly abused illegal drugs, or impure or more dangerous substitutes for these drugs, can cause immediate life-threatening health problems such as heart attack, respiratory failure, and coma. Combining drugs with each other or with alcohol is especially dangerous.

The Dangers of Illegal Drugs: Barbiturates

Barbiturates and tranquilizers are commonly abused prescription drugs. They can cause hangover-like symptoms, nausea, seizures, and coma. Overdose or mixing these drugs with alcohol can be fatal.

The Dangers of Illegal Drugs: Cocaine

Cocaine can cause such long-term problems as tremors, seizures, psychosis, and heart or respiratory failure.

The Dangers of Illegal Drugs: LSD

LSD can cause nausea, rapid heart rate, depression, and disorientation. Long-term effects include paranoia and psychosis.

The Dangers of Illegal Drugs: Marijuana

Marijuana and hashish can cause rapid heart rate and memory impairment soon after use. Long-term effects include cognitive problems, infertility, weakened immune system, and possible lung damage.

The Dangers of Illegal Drugs: Narcotics

Narcotics such as heroin can bring on respiratory and circulatory depression, dizziness, impotence, constipation, and withdrawal sickness. Overdoses can lead to seizures and death.

The Dangers of Illegal Drugs: PCP

PCP, in addition to triggering unpredictable and violent behavior, can cause dizziness, numbness, high heart rate and blood pressure, convulsions, and in high amounts fatal heart and lung failure or ruptured blood vessels.

The Dangers of Illegal Drugs: Stimulants

Stimulants such as amphetamines have health effects that include high heart rate and blood pressure, headache, blurred vision, dizziness, impotence, skin disorders, tremors, seizures, and psychosis.

The Dangers of Illegal Drugs
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